We're Sorry That You Can't Attend
Tom Antion's Live TeleSeminar

We realize that some people may have scheduling conflicts and are not able to call in on August 23rd and 24th from 8:00PM to 11:00PM Eastern Daylight Time.

We have decided to provide that group of unlucky people with a pre-publication offer of the recording.

Choose one of the following deals: (FREE SHIPPING ON ALL!)

*DEAL 1*
Recording on 6 CD Album, Pre-Publication Special Price only $150.  Regular price after live seminar - $197.00 (you save $47.00) Click Here for Deal 1.
*DEAL 2*
For the first time Tom is making available a stylish Keychain MP3 Player / Digital Voice Recorder
 (worth $75) pre-loaded with the full 6 hours of audio. This MP3 player interfaces with your computer so that you can easily add additional audio files. The special pricing is also only $150 (you save $47.00) Click Here for Deal 2.

*DEAL 3*
For only $25 more, you can have BOTH the CD Album AND the MP3 Player for $175. (What a Steal!)
Click Here for Deal 3.